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2. self-education and Blog

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MensajePublicado: Lun Ene 02, 2012 2:40 am    Asunto: 2. self-education and Blog Responder citando

We all know that college is the undergraduate dissertation to write, I graduated this year, July 1, will leave school. My thesis is the in the end to get to? we can look to provide our bloger who criticism and see if there is a reasonable place.
Blog of self-education and application of information technology
Qufu Normal University, Institute of Educational Technology and Communication 2002 Class Wang Guichuan
instructor: Shun
Abstract: In recent years, with information technology in education advocacy, education to people Blog unexpected speed quickly spread, more and more primary and secondary school teachers, college students, education administrators have administrative building of their own Blog.Blog has not only only the individual's applications are also increasingly attracted attention, students learn in their daily life, using Blog to collect information on the status to reflect their own learning, exchange and cooperation with others, etc., can be real, in-depth reflection of student initiative and creativity reflected , so that students can achieve their own in their own way to improve the quality of the article through the Blog Blog applied to the characteristics of self-education as well as the theoretical basis of analysis of the Blog in the application of self-education in a preliminary study and exploration.
Keywords: Blog; self-education; constructivist learning theory; knowledge management; self-reflection; self-evaluation
Studies on Scheme of The Ego Educate Apply Of The Blog
Author: Wang guichuan
Grade 2002, Information Technology & Communication College, Qufu Normal University
Tutor: Li shun
Abstract: advantage. In recent years, along with the initiation of information-based education, the education Blog is universal unexpectedly, more and more primary and junior high school teachers, university teachers and the students, education administration's governor constucts to rise their own Blog in succession . The Blog has already not only a personal , the Blog educates in the ego of the application also causes people's value increasingly.In the daily study life, the student makes use of Blog to collect data, carry on introspect to own study condition and communicates with others cooperation etc., can be true , thoroughly the reflection student's body appear of active and create sex, make the exaltation that the student can carry out the oneself character according to own way.The article analyzed Blog the characteristics and Blog to apply the educational theories foundation is in the ego, to the Blog in the ego education of the application carried on first step research and quest.
Key Words: Blog; The ego educate; Construct doctrine study theories; The knowledge manage; Introspect; The ego evaluate
1. Introduction
As information technology in education and development of reference, networking education with the subject to restrictions, so that people can be cross-regional, cross-country, cross-disciplinary learning, resulting in a wealth of learning resources, teachers and students so that each benefit and therefore the network environment, the increasing impact on people learn the concept of the learning concept how to make their own as soon as possible to the network learning in an effort to constantly improve themselves, self-optimization, the formation of good autonomy, creative individual psychological characteristics, so that their overall quality and ability to self-improve and enhance education, has become a modern learning The problem must be solved.
Blog, also known as , the original meaning of and writing, students will virtually change the thinking skills, writing skills and ability to obtain information. With the rapid development of network-based education, Blog is read by its flexibility and ease of use, become the darling of the Internet age .
2. self-education and Blog
the meaning of self-education, there are several claims, broadly educated self-education refers to a certain world outlook and methodology, knowledge and education of their own subjective world, the whole process, also known as self-cultivation. that people have formed their own ideological and moral basis to make certain goals, and monitor their own practice and evaluate their own practice. narrow self-education that is self-criticism, is the moral one of the methods.
Marxism moral theory that self-education with education is the process of reunification. the result of self-education is education, but also the conditions of further education and intrinsic motivation, so, in the education process should give full attention to self-education, to play the main role of the educated play the main body of autonomy, self-conscious as the object of education, to enhance and perfect the self. the use of self-education approach, which requires educators stages of physical and mental development to be educated in accordance with proper guidance, to make educated the educators requirements into their own goals, to help educated establish a clear right and wrong and truth, goodness and beauty of the pursuit, to train students in self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-evaluation capacity and the use of criticism and self-control approach to ultimately improve the overall quality of the educated.
learning from the quality of educational theory and practice, we can very clearly recognized that such a reason: to improve the overall quality of students, in large part by student autonomy, creative development, teachers will only play a role in coaching and guidance, so under the guidance of teachers, for students in learning, life, the practice of creative self-education, self-development to fully tap their potential, is a comprehensive implementation of quality education, improve their quality of shortcuts.
in the country, since last year, the Education Blog to popularize it an unexpected rapid pace, more and more primary and secondary school teachers, college students, educational and administrative managers have to build up their own Blog. born in the normal classroom teaching, research and graduate training in primary and secondary school teachers and even exchanges between experts, Blog has a wide range of applications. Blog It is due to the development conforms to the network the trend of education, its development has entered the fast lane, with its convenience of being more and more people love. as was the Blog is the second E-mail, BBS, instant messaging communication network after the fourth , fashion, the rapid development that surprised the world. Thus, under the guidance of teachers, using Blog has the characteristics of the student's creative self-education will become a network-based educational development of a trend. Today's Blog is no longer merely our e-learning is a good helper, and it is the record we think the best way to learn and it has become our education and an integral part of the self-education.
3.Blog features
students in their daily school life, the use of their learning situation Blog to reflect, study, study their records into the narrative report,shanghai escort, to the real, in-depth reflection of the students reflected the initiative and creativity, the use of this approach is worthwhile to promote self-education . Blog of the many features, but also enables the use of self-education possible Blog. the country has a large number of researchers have analyzed the characteristics and role of education in Blog, such as:
(1) The new narrative research platform: Blog as Narrative study of the platform, as the carrier in writing of the past study of narrative structure in the modern information technology platform to achieve new developments in narrative research;
(2) digital mode of transmission: Blog narrative report digitally, narrative research makes it easier to save, distribution, copying, dissemination of the narrative scope of globalization, just knock on moving your fingertips, your story can be transmitted to the network; the other hand, you can easily get someone else's narrative report information;
(3) the production and dissemination of short cycle: in books, magazines, newspapers, as the carrier of the narrative reports, production and dissemination of the cycle is very long, and narrative reports can be Blog on every minute refresh;
(4 ) technology low: official publication of the narrative report, need to go through a number of dream, as long as you like, you can at any time, any place you published the story narrative, and readers around the world share your research results;
(5) across time and space, the full exchange: Blog make narrative research breakthroughs a small circle of individual researchers, between researchers and by researchers, readers and researchers can expand the full exchange between, to create more wisdom;
4.Blog used in the theoretical basis for self-education - -
constructivist learning theory of constructivism, knowledge is not taught by teachers, but learners in certain contexts that social and cultural context, with other people (including teachers and learning partners) to help with the necessary learning information, through the construction of meaning and gain due to learning is in a certain context that the social and cultural context, with the help of others through interpersonal collaboration activities to achieve the process of constructing meaning, so that the constructivist learning theory situation an approach consistent with cognitive psychological constructivist learning tools such as: the use of Blog learning platform, the integrated use of resources, links, documents, pictures, sound or video, you can create learning situations, so that any interested person to participate to learning in the past, and generally the Blog has a clear theme or task, making the discussion and learn more targeted; Blog works because the shared characteristics, they were able to get different perspectives, Blog messages between users, exchange ideas, to solve a single person can not solve the problem, this process is both collaborative session; in the process of collaboration and conversation, the results of each learner's thinking (wisdom) is shared by everyone, not only can diagnose their own point of view, but also can promote self-reflection, so that students learn content reflects the nature of things, law and the things and other things, the intrinsic link between the more profound understanding of, and ultimately to complete construction of meaning. Thus, Blog well in line with the constructivist learning theory, constructivist learning is a practical way of good techniques.
5.Blog self-education applications
for now, Blog following the courseware has become a , resource library, education, and other information subject site after the new teaching mode network applications. So, Blog in self-education in the end there are those applications? combine the characteristics of the Blog and constructivist learning theory analysis, I think the Blog application of self-education about the following expression:
5.1 accumulated learning materials
Blog features one of the greatest is to provide a platform to write and record for people to record their information needs, write down their feelings, which accumulation of materials for teachers and students to provide convenient conditions. Blog online learning has become a good helper. In addition, because the Blog has shared the collected material has been provided to all visitors to Blog,beijing massage, and they enjoy These materials also can write their views and their own collection of other materials, which makes more sense to the learner's online learning, by sharing resources, everyone can get more learning resources, Shanghai Normal University Li Jiahou Professor: sharing and the sharing of the life course. , Green (Denham Grey) suggested that knowledge management is the management of intellectual assets, it has the evaluation function, help to overcome the impeding the flow of the user's knowledge and potential bottlenecks in order to make full use of intellectual resources, to avoid the intellectual assets of a recession, look for opportunities to strengthen intelligence, add value, provide flexibility, to enhance the decision-making, services and production purposes.
level in groups of individuals, knowledge management is commonly defined as file sharing, content distribution networks, teamwork and knowledge retrieval. Haowu doubt, Blog is with these characteristics, the majority of people in the Blog, the accumulation of knowledge and management is usually around a theme, it is a time for the longitudinal axis of the knowledge management in order to be classified as horizontal knowledge horizontal management, which allows the teachers and students of knowledge management, search and share, help to overcome the ordinary students have access to relevant areas of the world's best people, experience their ideas with them to establish a wide range of social relations,beijing escort, to share existing research results, to share their experiences, ideas and experiences (experience, ideas and experience is tacit knowledge, tacit knowledge is the one hand, interest in learning and knowledge structure by leaps and bounds improvement and development.
example, I use the Blog on the experience, in my personal Blog into a number of sections, including Personal Collection can also be very convenient to manage the material in the br> From the Blog application point of view, combined with the analysis of constructivist learning theory, Blog is in line with the requirements of constructivist theory of learning, knowledge is not taught by teachers, but learners in certain contexts that social and cultural context , with other people (including teachers and learning partners) to help with the necessary learning materials, through the construction of meaning obtained. constructivist learning theory emphasizes students' active construction of knowledge and learning is active learning process, students use Blog, reflects the student's active learning, so that they can record their wish and thought,shanghai massage, can also be used to accumulate materials, and applications that provide easy to find later. Here, Blog itself is a powerful tool for self-learning, all this is also reflects the thrust of constructivist learning theory.
extensive interaction and communication learning behavior and not just individual behavior, but requires a variety of exchanges, such exchanges both divisions - between students, also includes students - between students, including students and even among experts. exchanges can enable students to learn the true sense of cooperation and exchanges, both to promote the student's personality development and generation of the main character's basic approach and effective means, but also modern teaching the basic goals and values.
Blog provides a channel for the exchange, in which students can understand the teachers' thinking, can express their views, voice their reactions, etc., as teachers can interact Blog space, where you can talk face to face is not easy to say things. and of a student's education, if other students feel when browsing their own Blog, will inspire them. teachers and students in the contacts or open Blog , you can get more help and information.
Similarly, among students, between peers can exchange through the Blog, others by reading the material collected and published opinions, etc., students can evaluate for a message or question Moreover, this interaction was recorded down in time, can also reflect on the future, the idea was given to the evaluation, to learn from good nutrition. Such exchanges not only to encourage students to grow, and the development of teachers is also beneficial.
5.5 record the learning process, self-reflection
use Blog to construct student electronic portfolio (e-Portfolio) is generally considered to reflect an effective way of learning process, and its role in the school evaluation system has also been increasingly pay attention to so-called e-portfolio is recorded in the Blog learners to complete the whole process of learning tasks, which included the creation of the learner's own content, resources, links, documents, pictures, sound or video files, but also the content of these other people made comments or evaluation information.
in Blog, by building electronic portfolio, students can reflect the whole learning process and the various stages of the development process, describing the formation of individual knowledge and raise awareness of the progressive trajectory, teachers, students and parents on a regular basis about the progress of students at all stages, and hence in the whole school and even the wider context of the formation of a new and effective evaluation system, this , identify problems, improve methods, only the timely reflection in order to make learning more science, more to promote student self-development. Blog is the students a good way to self-reflection, not only can readily learn to record their own behavior, but also to content and share, with the conduct of this study and diagnosis, to provide for others thinking of both the premise and raw materials, but also in helping their review of learning behavior, and promote the development of improve their learning ability. This approach is more open reflection emerged network in the world to share, exchange, cooperation and development advantages.
5.6 the creation of teaching situation, to achieve life-long learning
situational approach is mainly to stimulate student interest from the use of novel and interesting to attract students to a variety of situations attention, make full use of the students intend to pay attention and deliberate attention to the conversion, to improve student learning motivation, so in the constructivist learning environment, instructional design must consider not only the teaching objective analysis, but also help students construct meaning considering the context the creation and the creation of situations in instructional design as one of the most important. the use of Blog learning platform, the integrated use of resources, links, documents, pictures, sound or video, you can create a better teaching situation, so Any interested person to participate in the study, through discussion, exchange of reflection. over time, their own learning process in the past, the results will be very clear in the show out so that every time when the log will have a Blog kinds of achievement, which can enhance students' interest in learning so that students adhere to the study,a man can fail. is not that I have happiness, carried out in the end will learn self-conscious, and ultimately life-long learning.
6. Summary
Blog easy to use, almost no learning curve, it can be said is can be different in their initiative on the basis of the development of life-long development of young people so as to lay a solid foundation, and ultimately achieve sustainable development. the quality of education is not shouting numerous to achieve, but also made not only by external forces, It should by possible changes in internal students truly so, educators in the education of students, we must also allow students to learn self-education. Suhomlinski the former Soviet Union, said: Education is the real education. , hoping to inspire students to self-education help. Despite the Blog in the country's development has just started, its function remains to be further studied, but in promoting individual learning today, Blog not only adapt to the emergence of personalized learning needs, and more to promote the study of personality development, we believe that it can integrate information technology and curriculum to provide yet another choice of means, able to trace our education into new life!
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